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Our legacy in infant nutrition began as a small family business founded in 1921 in Friedrichsdorf, Germany. Over the years, Aptamil has grown and developed and today is a world leader in infant nutrition.

Our research focuses on infant health and development

Milupa launched its first infant formula milk in Europe in 1964 called “Milumil”.     We’ve been exploring breastmilk for over 40 years,, and we pioneer global research and development in the field of infant nutrition – with over 500 scientists, paediatricians, dietitians and nutritionists working for the benefit of infant and toddler nutrition.

Milupa Aptamil in Ireland

Milupa Milumil first went on sale in Ireland in 1983 and is now available as Aptamil which is the largest in the Irish infant milk market. Our experience and success in Europe led to the 1972 launch in Ireland of a range of Milupa Cereals developed specially for infants. Morever, Sunshine Orange was one of the varieties introduced at that time and today it is the number one selling packet baby meal for Irish infants.

We are constantly looking for innovative ways to help you as a Healthcare Professional and we have a team of experts who are available to support you on every aspect of pregnancy, infant nutrition, right through to toddler nutrition. Therefore, if you ever need information or support, give us a call and we will do everything we can to help.

Freephone 1 800 22 12 34

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm

Nutricia Ireland Limited.

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